Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chef Ryan Buettner from Vin De Set

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Vin De Set is a beautiful (and incredibly romantic) restaurant that's been serving St. Louis comforting French bistro style food since 2006. Since its opening, Vin De Set has received rave reviews. Ryan Buettner took over the helm as Executive Chef last month after Ivy Magruder moved to work on Gamilin Whiskey House and it's clear he plans to continue Vin De Set's commitment to sourcing locally.

Why do you source locally? 
I think it is important to support any local business.  It is the communities that you live in that help boost the success of your business.  Restaurants like Vin de Set rely on and support the Lafayette Square community and the St. Louis community as a whole because that is who comes in the doors and that is who we try to make happy.

What do you source locally? 
We try to source as many products as we can locally.  Currently all of our beef is from Rain Crow Ranch in Southern Missouri.  Produce, cheeses, beers, liquors, anything we can get our hands on we try to support either locally grown, locally made, or locally owned and operated businesses.  We even grow many items that we use in specials and dishes on our rooftop patio right by the bar.  So customers get to see the freshness of the ingredients.

What is your most popular dish? 
We sell the most of our Petite Filets. It is a wonderful grass-fed product that we source from Rain Crow Ranch.

Which of your dishes is underrated but secretly a must-order? 
Our Boulliabase is a house specialty.  Made in the traditional French style, it is a rich tomato-tarragon broth with fennel, tomatoes, and four kinds of seafood.

What is your favorite MO-grown ingredient? 
I'm not sure I can pin it down to one.  I like the seasonality of the fruits and vegetables we have available here in the Midwest.  There is such variety that in the height of the season I find it hard to constrain myself to not over ordering such tasty produce.


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