Sunday, October 27, 2013

Owner Roxanne Cypret from Annie Moon's Bakery and Cafe

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Annie Moon is a bodacious world traveler with a bakery and cafe in Tower Grove. She's also a figment of the imaginations of co-owners of Annie Moon's Bakery and Cafe Roxanne Cypret, Mike Dudley, and Eric Hall. But Annie Moon is very much present in everything from the bite size quiches to the blueberry muffins to Roxanne's quirky plan to add a comic book store to the space. Annie Moon's just opened in March and almost everything served is either made from scratch or purchased locally.

Why do you think sourcing locally is important?
We like to support local farms, that’s one great thing. It also adds a little extra something to your place.

What’s your most popular dish?
Our Canon Club—that’s our chicken club—that’s a really popular lunch item. And then as far our baked items go, our strawberry cheesecake muffins sell really well/

Which one of your dishes is underrated but secretly a must-order?
I’m going to have to say our Mendez Falon. That’s our Cuban sandwich and we don’t get a lot of people ordering it but I love it. I think it’s awesome.

What is your favorite thing about Missouri?
I think that we have really friendly people here, kind of a small town attitude, which is nice. St. Louis is kind of a small town attitude with a big city feel.


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