Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Owner Ryan Pinkston at Three Kings Pub House

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Three Kings Pub House is packed with people enjoying a crisp beer or two (or three) every night of the week. But don't let the "Pub House" in their name fool you into thinking Three Kings is all about the drinks. Owner Ryan Pinkston and Executive Chef Anthony Redden are serving up some seriously fresh, seriously local, and seriously delicious food. Of course, they have all of the bar standards, like award-winning wings and juicy burgers, but they're also doing dishes like a locally-sourced Moroccan pork shank (more below) that'll make you wonder why you'd ever go to any other bar.

Why do you source locally? 
First and foremost, it’s just a better form of eating for everybody. At any restaurant I go to, I prefer them to source as much as they can locally. It’s better to be eating local ingredients that you know how they were produced and better freshness. That’s the main reason, we want the best possible quality product that we can give to the people that come in. And we try to make it a reasonable price at the same time.

What do you source locally?
We source all of our pork products locally and most of our vegetables, as far as the seasonal ones, we source locally. Obviously, we get more in the summer time. Our tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes, green beans, and a lot of leaf lettuce. We try to get as much of our greens [locally] in the summer time. It kind of just depends on the quality of what comes in. And that’s what we base most of what we’re getting in: the quality vs. the price vs. being organic and local. We’re looking into sourcing additional items as well but we also want to keep it cost effective for people who come in on a day to day basis. 

What’s your most popular dish? 
In the last six months, we sell just a ton of wings. We won best wings in St. Louis for the last two years and we won best original wings. We also sell a ton of our burgers and a ton of our fish and chips.

Which of your dishes is underrated but secretly a must order? 
We have a pork shank dish. It’s a Moroccan-style pork shank dish. In Morocco, they would normally use lamb but pork is easier to source here and people are more in pork than in lamb. So we have a pork shank dish that we serve with an apricot chutney and couscous that is a really great dish that is overlooked.

What is your favorite MO-grown ingredient? 
Heirloom tomatoes. Or any summer tomatoes. There’s nothing better than in the summertime when you have great, fresh tomatoes. There’s a lot of dishes you can do with them. It’s an item that you can just sprinkle a little salt on there, or don’t sprinkle any thing, just let them be.


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