Sunday, November 3, 2013

Owner Natasha Kwan at Frida's Vegetarian Deli

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Frida's Vegetarian Deli is all about making "healthy just a little bit healthier." Natasha spends her time whipping up meatless options and raking in the accolades. In 2013 alone, Alive Magazine named Frida's St. Louis' "Best Vegan Menu," Sauce Magazine readers lamented the dietary needs flexibility at Frida's, and the Riverfront Times readers awarded Frida's best wrap, vegetarian section, and vegetarian restaurant. 

Why do you guys source locally?
Well the vegetables are better and there’s less carbon footprint and it tastes better. If it’s successful in the ground here then it’s going to taste better.

What do you guys source locally the most?
Tomatoes 100% of the time. Tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, corn, jalapenos, jam, honey, I mean there’s a bunch of stuff. But always the tomatoes. Even in the winter we’ll do the hydroponic gardens at the farms that are in Illinois. Tomatoes are really important to us.

What’s your most popular dish?
The Frida Burger is number one. Number two is the Reuban. Three is the Falafel Wrap. Our number one salad is our kale salad.

What’s on your Frida burger?
It’s a vegan burger. Its 40% soy, 60% beans and vegetables with a zucchini chipotle slaw and tomato on a local bun made by Black Bear Bakery.

Which one of your dishes is underrated but secretly a must-order?
The quesadilla. It is so good.

What’s in the quesadilla?
It is cheese—and of course we have a vegan cheese option—mushrooms, bell peppers, scallions, and it’s served on a gluten-free brown rice tortilla. The people who do order it continue to get it.


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